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Warned Collectors

Purveyors of fine physical and limited games.

Make room on your shelves!

Based in France, collector and fan of video games since the very beginning, Warned Collectors fight against the “all digital”, by offering video games in limited physical release, which were originally planned for a digital version.

Why “Warned Collectors” ?

Collectors and passionate for more than 30 years, we considered ourselves as veteran, experienced and “warned”, hence the term Warned.

Get a full set is the ultimate goal of any warned collector, be able to expose it and to relive unforgettable moments on our favorite licences, just by contemplating figures, listening to OST or just by blowing in an old cartridge to restart a game.

Our objective is to live and make people live these moments for a very long time, mainly with the hashtag #WeAreCollectors.

We collaborate closely with indie studios to create and realize a collection of games, figures, vinyls, fine art print and Collector Edition, exclusive and limited.

We created the Ultimate Collector Edition, in partnership with Tsume, leader of High Quality Collection Figures on the market. Rare items and collectibles for the happiness of collectors and game fans, for a unique unboxing experience.

All our games are carefully selected and tested, if we have time they goes Platinium ! Our editions are limited and won’t be print again. We’re aware of the limited game’s market  and we don’t want to flood it. That’s why, our commitment is to limit our releases to 1 title a month.

Thanks. Let’s get a beer sometime!

The Team WCG